Mountain Mamas Retreats hosts Weekend Getaways for Crafty Ladies in historic and luxury houses in the beautiful Potomac Highlands of West Virginia.  We are partial to scrapbookers but groups of all kinds are welcome.  Let country roads take you to a home where you can relax and preserve your memories while making new ones.  The Terra Alta and Alpine Lake area, at 2,559 feet in elevation, is a cool place in the mountains to where wealthy residents of Baltimore and Washington, D.C., would travel by train to escape the city heat.  Early in its history, it was a renowned health resort, once known as Cranberry for extensive cranberry glades found nearby.  To the north is Cranesville Swamp, a wilderness preserve noted for its marshy Canadian ecosystem.  The lumber and timber business helped the town boom in 1853.  About this time was built some of the town's most beautiful real estate, including the house at 102 Aurora Ave.  Built by James Lakin, in 1895, this colonial revival style home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Reserve your spot for our inaugural retreat now to become a part of our history while preserving yours. E-mail cynthia@mountainmamasretreats.com for reservation and payment information.

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